Maud Ferrari
Maud Ferrari

Los Angeles
The Chauffeur

In a beauty shop, as elsewhere, it's hard to keep your job. Virginie is hanging in there. How long can she last?

While the marketing director of the Florea megachain of beauty shops makes excuses for their management to an investigative reporter, we witness the arrival of Virginie at the Florea store on the Champs-Élysées, where she was recently hired. As the story moves along, the marketing director's well-polished speech is belied by the oppressive work conditions of Virginie, who is poorly trained and continually harassed by the management

The Chauffeur


Joyce Bibring     Virginie

Frédérique Bel     Anne-Laure

Nicky Marbot     Fred

Erik Ebouaney     Le vigile

Benoît Nguyen-Tat     Olivier

Laurence Guillermaz     Virginie à 40 ans

Olivier Sadoine     Le journaliste

Festivals, Prices & Broadcasts

Sacramento French Film Festival 2009             Festi'Val d'Oise of Short Film 2009       Awarded Best Film

Short Film Festival of Valloire 2010       Film Festival of Comedy of l'Alpe d'Huez 2010

Short Film Festival of Nîmes 2010       Festival Les Héraults du Cinéma of Cap d'Agde 2010

Broadcast on 13e Rue-NBC Universal       SVT2 Sweden       TV8 Clermont-Ferrand       Orange Cinema Series

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